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Art Mart Dates: November 22-24, 2019

To submit your application, visit


Applications Deadline:

Tuesday, October 15, 2019
Applications close at 11:59 PM in Mountain Time Zone

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Since 2003, the Art Mart has showcased the work of local and regional artists working in a variety of styles, including painting, sculpture, photography, ceramics, pottery, mixed media art, jewelry, mosaics, glass, and other media.

Proceeds of the Art Mart benefit the participating artists and the Friends of the Bath House Cultural Center, a not for profit organization that supports year-round visual and performing arts programs at the center.

The Bath House Cultural Center is a facility of the City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs that is dedicated to fostering the growth, development and quality of multi-cultural arts. The center emphasizes innovative visual and performing arts as well as other multi-disciplinary events throughout the year.

Learn more about these organizations by visiting their websites at and


Read all the information contained in these guidelines carefully before submitting your application. Submitting applications and participating in the Art Mart implies agreement to terms and conditions stated in these guidelines. Please contact the Bath House Cultural Center if you have any questions.

All Art Mart applications are entered into a competitive juried selection process. 

Artists who would like to be considered for the Art Mart must fill out an applicationonline at (also known as CaFÉ) by the submission deadline. This website will not accept late applications.  The organizers of the Art Mart will only review applications received online.   

Artist who do not have an account with CaFÉ must create one prior to submitting applications.

Art Mart application direct link:


Make sure that you have completed all the CaFÉ steps, including the last step, Checkout, which must be completed even though we are not requesting an application fee.  You should receive a confirmation e-mail from CaFÉ indicating that your application was submitted successfully.  If you do not get an e-mail, log in to your account to see if there was a problem uploading your materials.

If you have any questions about how to create an account, prepare your images, create a portfolio, and apply to CaFÉ calls, visit


Usually, the very first items on your application that the jurors will notice are your pictures.  Make sure that your images are sharp and that the quality and size of your files is adequate.  CaFÉ will not accept images that are smaller than 1200 pixels on the longest side.  To read more information about the type of files that are accepted by CaFÉ, please visit

Please submit pictures that show the uniqueness of your work as well as how versatile and diverse it can be. Although not required, you can also include a picture of how you set up your booth.


Tuesday, October 15, 2019
Applications close at 11:59 PM in Mountain Time Zone


All the applications are reviewed by a Selection Committee, which selects 50-60 artists who are included in the Art Mart.

The committee members base their selection on a number of factors, which include, among other criteria, the quality, uniqueness, and the price of the artwork to be sold. The committee attempts to maintain a well-balanced representation of artists and media in order to provide a diverse marketplace for the art patrons.

Based on previous years’ statistics, artists who sell items in the low to moderate price ranges tend to be more attractive to Art Mart patrons.
The committee's decision for the selection of artists and booth designations are final and undisputable.


Applicants are solely responsible for reviewing the results of the selection process.  They must visit the Bath House Cultural Center’s online Media Room at after 7 PM on Saturday, October 19, 2019.


Booth spaces are available in the following six areas:

  1. Theater
  2. Lobby
  3. Hallway Gallery
  4. Main Gallery
  5. Classroom Gallery
  6. Lake Level

All the spaces are located indoors and are of various sizes.  Occasionally, booth spaces are also available in the front and back porch of the building.

The Art Mart organizers do not provide tents, movable wall panels, or any other art display structure for the booths. 
Artists are not allowed to hang art on the walls of the lobby,  theater, or lake level, as these rooms have walls that are made of concrete.  Some of the Lake level walls have mural paintings that should not be covered or obstructed with Art Mart items.   Artists choosing these spaces must display their works on movable panels, tables, or pedestals.  Artists can hang their artwork directly on the walls of the three Gallery spaces.


Please refer to the booth maps found at the end of the downloadable PDF document below to see the available size, location, configuration, and price of each booth space.

Download Guidelines with Booth Maps

The applicants can specify the location of two booth locations of their preference on their application.  The committee will consider the locations selected by the artists and will attempt to give each vendor the space of his/her choice. However, very often the locations desired by the artists are not available due to certain factors, such as heavy demand of some spaces, heavy concentration of artists offering similar products in the same room, and other logistical considerations.  In such cases, the committee will offer an alternative location to artists.  If an artist does not accept the location assigned to him/her, that artist will have the option of opting out of the Art Mart, thus giving another vendor a chance to participate in the event.


Theater Booth Spaces

Theater Booth Spaces (Two-step risers)

Lobby Booth Spaces

Main Gallery Booth Spaces (no height restriction)

Main Gallery Booth Spaces - Middle Area (restricted to 6’ in height)

Hallway Booth Spaces

Classroom Booth Spaces

Lake Level

Lake Level Booth spaces

Lake Level Booth Spaces


Art Mart booth fee payments will be made with a check payable to the Friends Of The Bath House Cultural Center, after the artists have been selected.  Please refer to the Art Mart Schedule to see the deadline for booth fees.

Artists will only be allowed to setup their booth if their fee has been received by the Art Mart committee. In the event of a returned check, the applicant will not be allowed to participate in the Art Mart and his/her space will be assigned to another artist.


Artists must provide their own equipment for the display of their artwork (panels, chairs, electrical chords, extra lighting, tablecloths, etc.).  6’ x 32” tables  can be rented for the weekend for $15.  Adequate lighting will be provided in all booth spaces, but artists can also bring additional lighting devices of their own.


Subleasing or sharing of booth space is not allowed.  Multiple artists who represent one single art organization, however, are eligible to share a booth.


All vendors are required to donate one item (minimum value of $60) to the Friends of the Bath House Cultural Center for use in an auction that will take place during the Art Mart.

The Bath House must receive silent auction items by Wednesday, November 20, 2019 (5 PM)

It is important that we get all the donations on time so we can set up the auction on the Thursday before the Art Mart.  Thank you for your cooperation. The silent auction donation is in addition to the booth fee requirement.

You may hand-deliver your auction donation to the Bath House during the center’s regular hours, Tuesday-Saturday, 12-6 PM.

NOTE: Artists who live outside of the DFW area should contact the Bath House if they need to make special arrangements for the delivery of their auction donations.


Artists are responsible for conducting their own transactions and for taking care of their own sales taxes. The Art Mart does not take any fees from artist sales.  The artists retain 100% of their sales earnings.

The Bath House Cultural Center offers a limited bandwidth Wi-Fi connection that enables artists to conduct online transactions.


With the exception of the CaFÉ application deadline, which uses the Mountain Time Zone, all the other scheduled times adhere to Central Time.

Application Deadline

Tuesday, October 15, 2019
Applications close at 11:59 PM in Mountain Time Zone

Notification of Acceptance

Posted at
Saturday, October 19, 2019 (after 7 PM)

Booth Fees Deadline

Postmarked by Friday, November 1, 2019

Mail checks (payable to the Friends of the Bath House Cultural Center) to
Bath House Cultural Center – Art Mart
521 E. Lawther Drive, Dallas, TX 75218.

Setup, Preview Reception, Sale

Friday, November 22, 2019
All the artists will be able to load in and set up their booths between 1 and 6 PM.
The Bath House will be closed to the public and to the artists on this day before 1 PM.

The BHCC hosts a preview reception for BHCC VIPs, members of the Friends of the Bath House, and for the general public on Friday from 7 to 9 PM. 

Artists can start selling their items during the preview reception.

Saturday Sale

Saturday, November 23, 2019
Doors will open to Vendors at 11 AM. Doors will open to the public at 12 PM. Saturday's sale will end promptly at 6 PM

Sunday Sale and Art Load Out

Sunday, November 24, 2019
Doors will open to Vendors at 11 AM. Doors will open to the public at 12 PM. The silent auction closes at 5 PM.  The Art Mart will end promptly at 6:00 PM.  All spaces must be completely cleared by 7:30 PM.

Artists using the Gallery walls for hanging art are responsible for removing any hardware (nails, screws, hooks, staples, tape, wire, etc.) from the walls at the end of the event.


Unless the Bath House Cultural Center is notified in writing to the contrary, it is understood that the artwork on display at the Art Mart may be photographed, and that images of it may be made and distributed for educational and promotional use in printed and/or electronic media connected with this event or future art programs at the Bath House Cultural Center.


The Bath House Cultural Center does not provide a security officer during the Art Mart.  At night, the doors of the upper level of the building will be locked up and secured with a burglar alarm.  There is not a burglar alarm for the spaces located at the Lake Level.  However, the Lake Level will be secured with heavy wrought iron gates and kept locked overnight.

Artists who choose to leave their merchandise overnight at the Bath House Cultural Center or in the vicinity of the center will do so at their own risk.

By submitting the application, the vendor releases and holds harmless the Friends of the Bath House Cultural Center, the Bath House Cultural Center, the City of Dallas, its agents, volunteers or employees from any claim related to or in connection with any damage, theft, loss of merchandise or display material, whether such claim arises from the alleged negligent act or omission of Bath House Cultural Center, the City of Dallas, its agents, volunteers or employees.

If you have any questions, contact the Bath House Cultural Center at (214) 670-8723 or