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Art Mart is a great place to find a special piece of art for yourself, family, and friends.

Original paintings, photographs, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry, cards, and other unique creations by more than 60 local and regional visual artists are featured in the Art Mart, along with food, live music, and a live art auction.

The proceeds of the Art Mart benefit the participating artists and the Friends of the Bath House Cultural Center, a not-for-profit organization that supports year-round visual and performing art programs at the center.


Sally Ackerman and Lisa Payne, Eva Azul, Matt and Sharon Bagley, Rita Barnard, Martha Boles, Kathryn Boulet Hoffman, Raul Bryand, Jan Byron, Pamela Cleveland, Lisa Covert, Lisa Crews, Kitty DePetris, Dan and Lori Dudley, James Dunn, Oscar Duran, Angelika Ejtel, Brandie Ferguson, Terri Foster, Pastor García, Fred Gardner, Jay  Gardner , Essie Graham, Pedro Guerra and Gloria Carrillo, Rebecca Guy, Janice Hamilton, Candace Hartman, Kaitlyn  Helwig , Tricia Hicks, Deana Hinchcliff, Chad and Chelsea Hoberer, Cheryl Johnson, Kenya Jones, Amy Justice, Cindy Kelley, Evan Knapp, Barbara Lee, Audrey Legatowicz, Lilli Lehtonen, Marcela Mihaloglou, Jo Moncrief, Suzanne Morgan, Nancy Munger, Rebecca Ramos, Victoria  Ratliff, Beth Ritter-Perry, Balmore  Salazar , Herlinda Sanchez, Salvador Sánchez, Elisabeth Schalij, Hans Schnitzler, Frank Sowells, Sherry Talbot, Terri Thoman, Melisa Torres, Kat Warwick, Heidi Williams, Debra Worrell Hernandez, Carlos Zuniga and Dagan Newland.


Sale Hours

Friday, November 17, 2017 - Reception (7-9 PM)
Saturday, November 18, 2017 - Sale (12-6 PM) • Sunday, November 19, 2017 - Sale (12-6 PM)




Peavy Landmark Tree
Rebirth Competition / Live Auction

The Peavy Landmark Tree Rebirth Competition and Live Auction is the response of a group of artists to an unfortunate incident of a landmark Dallas Parks and Recreation pecan tree that was vandalized a few weeks ago near White Rock Lake.

See Amy Martin's Story here for more details

The Friends of the Bath House are envisioning the rebirth of the tree by commissioning twelve artists to reanimate some of the rescued logs into individual works of art. The final artwork will be on display during the Bath House Cultural Center’s Art Mart, where the participating artists will share their creations and will compete for prizes. A Live Public Auction of the art will also take place during the Art Mart, at 4:30 PM of Sunday, November 19. The proceeds of the auction will benefit the Dallas Parks Foundation.

The auction will feature art by Cynthia Daniel, Melanie Brannan, Ryan McCutcheon, David Chandler, Debra Molotsky, Edith Torres, Maegan Kirschner, Michael Galgan, Sharon Neel-Bagley, T. Stone, Chris Lyons, VET, and Vicki Charlotta.